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ICA CommuniCater Cover Story:
May / June 2007

Event Profile
The Jewel
of the Bahamas:
Cacique Caters to Cartier

Executive chef Kyle Sawyers puts the finishing touches on the dessert display.

bamboo walls and draped with white fabric on the sides and ceiling. Chandeliers, plush red carpet accented with gobo projections of the Cartier logo, highboys draped in red velvet and a variety of rose floral pieces gave thisjewel its elegant setting.

While the design team set about building the canvas, Executive Chef Kyle Sawyer was busy creating the art itself – a menu which could be described as gourmet with attitude. In the Bahamas, this is an accomplishment not to be taken lightly. “It has often been said that Bahamians eat and enjoy only 15 different dishes,” Sawyer says. “And even though this isn’t as much the case now, it’s still an educational process to convince a

The event was a celebration for a newly remodeled Cartier store in the Bahamas so it was imperative that it sparkle like a precious stone. But as with all events, this one was a diamond in the rough until a collaborative effort between Cartier and the event professionals at Cacique International in Nassau would polish it to perfection.

Ten years ago Shawn Sawyer founded Cacique International as a destination management company in the Bahamas. He quickly realized there was a void in his market for a high-end catering firm and six years ago began FoodArt by Cacique. For this event, Cacique's catering and design teams would all pull together to assist Cartier in branding itself with food and décor. The objective was an elegant-yet edgy event with a laid-back vibe. The challenge was the location.

Located within the John Bull store on Nassau's busy main street, the Cartier store was too small to create a lounge environment much less serve food to hundreds of guests. Instead, Cacique took advantage of a large parking and taxi section outside the store and extended Cartier's square footage substantially if only temporarily.

Cacique installed four tents in this area and along the walkway to the store that were then enclosed by

Cartier Event Menu

Passed Hors d’Ouevre

Asian Soba Noodles
served on mini silver forks

Locally Caught Wahoo Ceviche
with Fried Wonton Chips

served on Chinese porcelain spoons

Jewels On a Stick
marinated bocconcini with yellow
and red cherry tomatoes

Peking Duck Confit
on Cornbread Crostini

with Hoisin Aioli

Fire-Roasted Beef Tenderloin
served on edible spoons and topped with caper mayonnaise

Mini Brioche Burgers
with Jerk Chicken

served with grilled pineapple
and a spicy Jamaican mayo

Center Action Buffet

Honey, Soy and Ginger Marinated Sliced Tenderloin of Beef
served with skewered
roasted vegetable and chive oil

A Tasting in Tuna
sesame seared tuna
served on goma wakamae seaweed, topped with ahi tuna tartare

Dessert Display

Panther Eyes
miniature raspberry crème brûlée

Dessert Shots
blueberry cheesecake
red velvet cake

Love Cups with
White Chocolate Mousse

and an Infinity LOVE Ring

Miniature blueberry cheesecake shots.

client to incorporate innovative ingredients and serving vehicles into a menu.”

The geography of the Bahamas gives chefs on the islands sporadic access to certain ingredients. “There are only three or four large food purveyors on the island of New Providence and there is not a lot of demand for them to keep large quantities of the more unusual ingredients in stock.”

Working well in advance, Sawyer was able to order the ingredients he needed to create his menu based on the latest trend of short plates. While many of the short plates were tray-passed, an interactive food station in the middle of the venue allowed chefs to make two special plates to order. “Action stations are a favorite of mine for two reasons,” Sawyer says. “First, we can control costs with our portion size and second, they are an important interactive area for both the chef and the guests. It really gets people talking about the food.”

But it was the desserts that had the final word of the evening. Artfully served on layers of glass shelves, they resembled pieces of modern jewelry. “That was our inspiration,” Sawyer says. “It gave us the ability to use bold colors and decadent ingredients.” Karats never tasted so good.