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The ICAEF Scholarships

One of the goals of the Foundation is to offer financial assistance to ICA members who want to attend ICA-sponsored conferences. At this point the two conferences where financial assistance is offered are Winter ICA/catersource conference held annually in January or February and the Summer ICA/catersource Catering Symposium held annually in August.

All employees of ICA member companies are eligible to apply for scholarships.

There are several categories of scholarships and several types of scholarships available:

For the Winter ICA/catersource Conference, we offer:

  • FULL Scholarships valued at $1,500
  • PARTIAL Scholarships valued at $1,000
  • FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Scholarships valued at $500

(Winter Applications and Criteria coming soon)

For the Summer ICA/catersource Catering Symposium, we offer:

  • FULL Tuition Scholarships valued at $599

Additionally, a special category of scholarships for CULINARY employees is available for the Winter Conference. These scholarships entitled the REINHARD JACOB MEMORIAL CULINARY SCHOLARSHIP. Reinhard Jacob, who passed away in 2005, was a loyal and dedicated member of the ICA and the ICA CULINARY COUNCIL. In his memory, this scholarship was created. This scholarship is available to any ICA member working in the food-service area of the catering industry. These scholarships are available in the same denominations as the regular ICA scholarships.


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