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2006 CATIE Awards

The International Caterers Association presents the annual CATIE Awards; Catered Arts Through Innovative Excellence.

Started in 2004, these prestigious awards are designed to recognize the achievements of caterers and are open to entries from caterers in any country in the world.

The 13 Categories include; Best Menu Design, Most Innovative Food Trend, Best Catered Hors d'oeuvre, Best Plate Presentation, Best Celebration Cake, Best Themed Buffet, Most Innovative Food Centerpiece or Design, Innovative Mixology, Best Tote Cuisine, Best Barbeque or Picnic, Chef of the Year, Signature Caterer Best Wedding and Signature Caterer Best Event.

For fair judging, caterers are not allowed to identify themselves in their actual entry binder, which allows every entry an equal opportunity and consideration. The CATIE winners were revealed at the ICA CATIEs Gala on January 31st 2007 during the catersource® 2007 Educational Conference.

2006 CATIE Award Nominees
Most Innovative Food Trend
Mini Meals
A Thyme to Cook, N. Stonington, CT
Best Catered Hors d’oeuvre
Tuna and Pineapple wrapped in Nori with a Wasabi Bubble
Agnus Dei Traiteur, Montreal, QC Canada
Best Plate Presentation
Burger, Fries, and a shake
Daniel et Daniel Event Creation & Catering, Toronto, ON Canada
Best Celebration Cake
The Homecoming Revolution, Proudly South African
Debi's Culinary Productions, Johannesburg, South Africa
Best Themed Buffet
Essence of Zen…Now and Then
Creations in Catering, Honolulu, HI
Best Menu Design
Engagement Party
A Joy Wallace Catering Production, Miami, FL
Most Innovative Food Centerpiece or Design
A Decadent Chocolate Fantasy
A Legendary Event, Atlanta, GA
Innovative Mixology
Jellied Mojito Shots on Candied Lime
Feast Your Eyes, Philadelphia, PA
Best Tote Cuisine
It's all in the Pail
Different Tastes, Boston, MA
Best Barbeque or Picnic
Jane Fonda's Slumber Party
A Legendary Event, Atlanta, GA
Signature Caterer Best Wedding
Il Matrimonio al Museo
Michael's On East / Rosewood Market, Sarasota, FL / Highlands, NC
Signature Caterer Best Event
The Scene
Feastivities Catered Events, Philadelphia, PA
Chef of the Year ~ It's a tie!
Michael Purpura
Catering by Framboise, New York, NY
Jack McCann
Merri-Makers Catering & Special Events, Edison, NJ

Past CATIE Awards Winners

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2004 Winners
2003 Winners

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